American dream
at your fingertips

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Beginning average income of $350- $800
per week

Availability of part time
or full time

Join our
sales team!

Everyone has the hope of enjoying great success in life. Unfortunately, very few reach it. At H.A. Dream Unlimited, Inc., we have a plan that helps people achieve their dream, and achieve it quickly. We call it the "Fast Track to Success" or "Fast Track".

The 'American Dream' is to own your own business, be financially independent and be happy in your work. This is the opportunity offered by "Fast track", regardless of your age, background or experience.

In recent years, hundreds of success stories have emerged. Men and women of all walks of life have been trained in our Fast Track program and now own their own business. You can be one of them!

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Success at your fingertips!

We aim to be called
“One of the best companies in Silicon Valley..."

That's why we want to count on you.


Our innovative business model and marketing
plan offers high growth potential.

Our plan consists of three initial phases, which will allow you to
build your business in a solid and effective way.

Sales Representative

You will learn the secrets of the business. You will have a sponsor who will teach you in every detail about the product and the sales process.

Associate Distributor

You will begin to develop the administrative experience, which will help you raise your earnings. You can reach this level in an average of 5 months.


 Your job will be to teach other representatives and associated distributors, to supervise, train, generate new sales and develop a distribution network. By doing so, you can enjoy an attractive income for the medium and long term.

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